Journey With Me: ABTS in Lebanon

Helimagelo all!

I am so excited that I can finally write to all of you since I haven’t posted in the last 2 and a half months. Since I have last been on here, God has torn me apart for His glory. And it’s been an amazing, life-changing experience.

He has taken me down unexpected roads and it all started 6 months ago when I saw a picture of a drowned Syrian toddler, Aylan Kurdi washed up on the shore of Greece. And Aylan Kurdi’s family was just one of the millions of families that have fled Syria since the horrific war outbreak there in 2011. God opened my eyes. He softened my heart to the truth. The truth that these Syrian refugees are people that are very precious to Him. It’s easy to loose the humanity of these people when the Media and government chooses to treat them as nuisances and drown them in statistics.

But how should the North American Church be responding? How should the Lebanese and Syrian Church deal with this crisis that hits so close to home?

My heart ached with sadness and deep hurt for the people of Syria. I knew that God was tugging on my heart, but I didn’t know how to act on it. A couple weeks later, I met with a guy at my church who serves as the “bridge-builder” between our church and Arab Bible Theological Seminary located in Beirut, Lebanon. Our church sponsors two students there, Gladys and Benyamin. Both are from different surrounding countries (like most students there at ABTS) and have come to ABTS to study ministry in order to spread the influence of Christ by discipling young churches and planting new ones in their home countries and all over the Middle East.

Along with the ministry preparation and Theology classes, the students are given the opportunity to work with Syrian refugees, many of which have fled to Lebanon. ABTS has partnered with Youth For Christ and other organizations to provide poverty relief and healing for many of the Syrian children and young adults.

I am excited to share with you that there is a opportunity for me to go to Lebanon this summer to meet the students of ABTS and help run a VBS for Syrian children in both Beirut and the mountains.

I want to invite you to join me on a journey. A journey that will be exhausting, emotional, down-right crazy, but totally worth it. A journey that started with a calling from the One who told me to give up everything, take up my cross and follow Him in complete humility and obedience.

I so badly want to explain all the excitement I have for the work that God is doing and will continue to do in Lebanon and the Middle East. I can’t seem to find all the right words, but I am shaking, overflowing, bursting and leaping with inexpressible joy!

It amazes me so much that God can use me; a broken, weak person to glorify His name and further His kingdom. I can’t even begin to tell you how much gratitude has been evoked by the knowledge of Christ’s death on the Cross for me. That gratitude, I pray, will flow from my lips and radiate from my soul so that people will see me as a servant of Christ robed in humility and ready to give generously and love deeply.

So, will you join me?

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