I am Left with no Words…

There is forgiveness tonight, for me, for you, for the members of ISIS, for the World.

Where can you run from His love? He will come to us like rain, like the rushing wind sweeping through desert sands of Jordan, so shall His love overwhelm, satisfy and fulfill us.

Let us kneel in humility before the Cross. Lay down your weapons, your lives, your desires at the foot of the Cross where Jesus Christ was slain.

Though our sins were like scarlet, He can make us white as snow.

His blood has washed you clean.


Journey With Me: Let’s Go.

Things are starting to feel real.

You guys! I’m leaving for Lebanon this Saturday.


I usually roll my eyes when my guy friends say something like “Dude, I’m totally stoked for summer. Like bruh, totally stoked.”

Ok…but yeah, to be honest, I’m stoked for Lebanon. Like bruh, totally stoked.

Alright I’m done trying to be the hip cool teenager, because for obvious reasons, I fail at it. Haha ūüėõ

The very fact that I leave Indianapolis in just 2 days to a country that has captivated so much of my heart, I am overwhelmed. I journal daily while I eat breakfast and begin my morning. I can’t find the words sometimes simply because I am too excited, but it’s amazing to imagine that I am able to document this adventure on paper.

As I prepare and read Scripture, I keep coming back to the prayer that a good friend of mine wrote that has given me incredible peace about missions and our pursuit of Jesus in that, and I thought I might share it with you before I leave on Saturday. It’s lingered in my mind for a while and I hope you make this your prayer for wherever you are!

“Jesus, You are the bread given by our Father in heaven.

You promise that those who come to You will neither hunger nor thirst. But we have doubted Your goodness in the face of the world’s injustice. We¬†have¬†preferred isolation¬†and¬†apathy to the¬†reconciliation¬†that you¬†offer. We have failed to receive your love. Lord, have mercy.

We come to Your table with open hands, O Lord ready to surrender and receive.

You who gave Your flesh for the life of the world, teach us to hope in Your goodness. You who came in the power of the Spirit to proclaim good news to the poor, teach us to seek justice alongside the people with whom we live. You who are love incarnate, teach us to accept Your welcome and to gladly receive and give gladly in our communities near and far. 

Bread of life, send us out into the world with the taste of mercy in our mouths. Let Your tears give us courage. Let us take this bread and proclaim Your death, O Lord, celebrating the victory of Your resurrection until You return to make all things new.”

Lord Jesus, with every fiber in our bodies and aching of our heart, we ask that You ignite our souls and empower our minds to reach a world in need. Help us to remember that our journey with You is not about the task, but rather about the Purpose. Guide our steps and soften our hearts and eyes to the world that so desperately needs You.

Thank you, Father. For everything.