Life Musings: A Kingdom

image I’m crazy. I have friends enough to inform me of my non-conformity to conventional human behavior. And in some ways, I’ve learned a ton this year how to become okay with that and owning it 🙂 Although, I must say, owning my craziness has unfortunately not made me less awkward 😀

Since my return from Lebanon, I’ve been crazier than ever. I had this thought. I wonder what it would be like if we loved deeply and without price. What happened if we let God’s grace infest our lives? What happened if we extended His grace  to others without expecting anything in return?

Her name was Eliana. A teacher in the school at Saida, Lebanon. With dark curly hair and determined eyes, they shone with strength and the light of Jesus. She spoke with deep feeling, joy and expression about the schooling program that they had for Syrian children. Eliana has a huge heart for the marginalized and children with special needs. She recognizes that there is so much creativity, wisdom and beauty that can come from the mentally ill. She’s seen it. She’s seen how love can transform a life of a special needs child. Eliana has committed her life to loving recklessly.

I want that. I want to love with a love that is not found on this earth, but found in God’s Kingdom. A love that is overwhelming, fulfilling, reckless and given with no price. Stop thinking about what is “fair” or something that we deserve because we’ve done a favor for someone. Do we deserve God’s love and grace? No, we deserve death and an eternity away from Him. But even so, His grace is there. So, extend some Kingdom love today. Give it relentlessly.


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